Gild Insurance is a digitally native, nationally licensed, independent insurance agency serving the boutique fitness community. Gild's online quote-to-bind services digitally provides the knowledge, personalization, and trustworthiness of a local agent, available 24/7/365.


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Studio Grow has partnered with The Hartford and Gild Insurance for Business Insurance; and, Ep6ix and CTX for Employee Benefits to create an insurance program built with boutique fitness owners in mind.

Together, these partners bring you insurance solutions that leverage group buying power to meet your needs with quality products at a competitive price.

Your participation in the business insurance and employee benefits programs will get you the most value for your hard-earned dollars.


We know building a business is no easy feat, let these partners provide real-world solutions to the problems you face:

-The operational risks of your business

-The insurance demands of your landlord

-The creation of an employee retention strategy


Together we can make your life easier – no navigating the open marketplace, no confusing insurance jargon, just partners dedicated to you. 

Learn more about the insurance programs available to you.