Loyalsnap helps fitness studios in turning lead prospects into paying members and creating stronger connections through automatic engagement, easy client management, and smooth mass communication. This gives you more time to shine at what you do best – giving amazing experiences.

Previously, Loyalsnap was limited to clients using the three booking platforms they integrate with (MINDBODY, Club Ready, and Mariana Tek). However, with the new Loyalsnap Texting Solution, they can now support studios on any booking platform with a compliant, effective, and robust texting tool.

Here’s a preview of what the Loyalsnap Texting Solution offers:

  • Texting Inbox so that you can manage multiple client conversations simultaneously and seamlessly access client details all in one place.
  • Task Manager to ensure each client is followed up with at the right time during their buying journey.
  • Hassle-Free Client List Management to help you easily upload, manage, and organize client lists, including importing contacts and reusing recipient lists, all from one place.
  • Loyalsnap Texting App so that you can communicate on the go and never miss a sale!
  • MMS Image Capability to send sleek marketing messages to promote your next big campaign.
  • SMS Blasts that allow you to message multiple people, even hundreds simultaneously, and set up automated responses based on keywords.
  • Link Tracking so that you can gauge the real-time success of your mass texting messages.
  • Compliant Messaging that allows you to send text messages with a dedicated local phone number.
  • 5000 Text Messages Included each month! ($20 per block of 2,000 messages after the initial bucket is exhausted).
    As a client of Studio Grow, you have exclusive access to the founding rate for this solution. Once launched, the SMS-Only subscription will be $99/mo…

However, the first ten clients to sign up will enjoy a discounted rate of $59/month (including 5,000 text messages monthly)! Plus, as a Studio Grow client, they will waive the $25 deposit so you can get started right away.

Simple use Promo Code: PARTNER at checkout here.

You can opt-in here to skip the line or contact with any questions.

Client Discount

Exclusive Studio Grow Offers:
Unlimited Support

“Our Team does all the edits”.

Client needs to write the automations.

$20.00 off per month if you sign a 12 month $259

$279 month to month with a 30 day notice (subject to change).

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