Winback Strategy

The purpose of the playbook is to win back prior members, pack holders, intro offer clients, and lost leads.

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Challenge Strategies

The purpose of the playbook is to help studio owners choose a challenge to run in their studio. This outlines the what, why, and how of running a challenge based on the studio’s goals.

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Referral Process Workbook

Your referral process begins long before you ever ask for a referral because in order for a referral process to be successful you need to plant a seed that… Having a friend or family member with them is crucial to their success. We will show you how to be successful in this process.

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Quick & Dirty Sale

The Purpose of hosting a Quick and Dirty sale is to host a 3-5 day sale that drives revenue. This is similar to a flash sale. This is done in a month that typically has historically lower revenue.

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Anniversary & Open House Sale

This playbook is designed to help build community in your studio or celebrate the community you already have established. Building community in your studio is an important aspect to retention so we want to make sure your members are staying engaged through studio events. Showing your members how much appreciate them is a must.

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Handraiser Promotion

This playbook is designed to help you warm up and ask your audience to raise their hand as “I’m interested in…X, Y, or Z!” for you to sell them into an intro, pre-sale, new product launch, special event, teacher training, retreat, or high ticket offer.

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High Ticket Intro Offers Promotion

This is done by combining packages, services, knowledge, retail, e-books, and any offers you have. You are building the best experience you can for your customers, so they use all your services as you want them to. This offer is how you want your dream client to use your services This is not the same as the High Ticket Sale as this is not based on creating a large influx of cash. It is about building your ideal customer and increasing your current customers’ utilization.

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New Year’s Promotion

The purpose of the New Years promotion strategy is to increase recurring revenue with membership-based promotions. The overall goal is to get those that weren’t ready to join at the start of the year into the studio and for those that did start with an introductory package converted to a membership contract. In order for this promotion to be successful, a strong pre-purchase, introductory, and thorough new member journey.

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Last Chance Pricing

This is one of the ways you can increase prices in your studio. We recommend annual price adjustments, at a minimum, for your studio.

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